Nicki Minaj’s Heart-Shape Rock Is On-Trend

Courtesy @Nicki Minaj

Last week, rapper Nicki Minaj posted a picture of an incredible fancy yellow heart-shape diamond ring on her left ring finger, immediately setting the Internet aflutter with speculation of an engagement to beau and fellow rapper Meek Mill.

The jewelry world, however, is more interested in that ring and what it might mean for ring trends. Minaj is the second musician this year to rock a heart-shape stone (Lady Gaga debuted her heart-shape diamond ring on Feb. 16). What a difference two months makes! But Gaga’s diamond seems positively conservative in comparison to Minaj’s ring.

“It looks to be 15 ct. center, but without seeing a side view a heart-shape is very difficult to guess,” Adelaide Polk-Bauman, PR director of Forevermark, tells JCK. “Nicki has taken a very classic design, a double halo of pavé diamonds, and paired it with an unexpected center diamond for this setting—yellow and heart shape.” 

“Yellows, especially ones this large, are priced more so on market demand than anything else,” says Polk-Bauman. “The diamond itself could be worth over $500,000.” 

“Typically heart shapes are seen more in Japan than the U.S., but with influencers embracing this style, I think we can expect to see more demand of the shape,” she says.