New Zealand Jewelry Awards

The New Zealand Jewellery Fair, Sept. 27 – 28, 2009, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland, will include an industry awards program designed to celebrate excellence in business practice and jewelry design.

Open to industry members, the awards have been created to demonstrate the Fair’s commitment to the New Zealand market and to celebrate the ongoing success of the local jewellery industry, according to a statement by Expertise Events, which sponsors the trade show and awards program.

The awards will showcase a combination of emerging and established cutting-edge designers, suppliers, and retailers. It will honor several categories including: Outstanding Retailer, Supplier of the Year, and a range of contribution design awards including Apprentice Design, Apprentice Design/Craftsmanship, Gold Design, Pearl Design, Coloured Gemstone Design, Oval Design, Platinum Design, Diamond Design and Computer Aided Design. 

Selected by a panel of industry and independent judges, finalists and winners of each category will gain industry exposure in various media; and will be displayed for the duration of the Fair. Winners of each respective category will be announced at the trade show on Sep. 27, 2009.

“The self-nominated awards are a unique opportunity for industry members to strive for excellence and industry recognition, review their goals, compare their ability to the industry’s benchmark and raise and nurture the standard of design and practice within the industry,” Expertise Events said in its statement.