New York’s 48th Street to be named after William Goldberg

The city of New York has announced that East 48th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues will be officially named “William Goldberg” Way. The ceremony honoring Goldberg will take place on Father’s Day, June 18, at noon.

Sen. Charles Schumer will join the Goldberg family for the dedication ceremony. The sign will sit just below the building of William Goldberg’s corporate offices where Goldberg worked to build the company into one of the most prestigious diamond houses in the world and where he made such great strides for the diamond industry as a whole.

In New York City’s diamond district, Goldberg was recognized as a leader in the industry. William Goldberg served as president of the Diamond Dealers Club from 1978 -1984. With a distinguished career and legacy, Goldberg made great industry wide improvements such as advances for women in the diamond industry, opening up the Club for the first time to the media, and making 47th Street a safer and cleaner place. In addition to his industry achievements, Goldberg was also known for his philanthropic efforts raising funds for the United Jewish Appeal, the Gesher Foundation, Yeshiva University, and the American Society of Yad Vashem.

Goldberg began his career in 1952 when he created the company Goldberg & Weiss. The company flourished under his leadership, and Goldberg eventually broke away in 1973. He started his own company: William Goldberg Diamond Corp., and became one of the early De Beers sightholders. The company became known as one of the world’s most prestigious diamond houses for its stunningly beautiful diamonds and diamond jewelry. 

His company continues with the next generation—run by his wife Lili and children: Saul, Eve, and son-in-law Barry Berg. His daughter Deborah also worked by his side for over 20 years. The street naming is a way of honoring their father who built such a lasting memory in their lives, as well as the many others he touched along the way.

“He was the face of our industry for so long, a father to so many more than just us,” says Eve Goldberg, daughter and vice President of Sales & Marketing. “My father was the most incredible teacher. This is such a special day for my family. I know my father would be very proud.”