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3 New Tech Tools From Stuller to Consider For Your Store


Louisiana-based jewelry industry supplier Stuller is a one-stop-shop for retailers, offering finished jewelry, findings, packaging and displays, tools, tech, and more.

Each year at the JCK show, Stuller’s booth packs a punch with its presence, products, and demonstrations. There’s always something new to see, and 2023 was no exception: lab-grown diamonds, on-trend turquoise jewels, the latest in engagement rings, and the newest packaging and displays were all on hand, as was Stuller’s 3D CAD software program, MatrixGold, with software provided by Gemvision.

Mere months later and in advance of the holiday season, we asked Stuller to share with us the latest tech and tools retailers should know about in this second half of the year.

“The tour de force that is permanent jewelry has continued in a big way,” says Chris Leonard, director of tools at Stuller. “Customers are purchasing pulse arc welding equipment—especially the Orion PJ Welder from Sunstone—at an incredible rate. The market for reliable diamond screening equipment is still very strong, which is evident from the popularity of our exclusive DiaTrue Crystal Screener from Ogitech. Moreover, our partnership with ResinWorks3D and Stuller R&D led to the launch of Open Grow SureCast, our proprietary 3D-printing resin.”

Below, more information on the top three current tech and tools from Stuller.

Stuller Ogitech DiaTrue
Stuller’s exclusive Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal Screener, $8,980

Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal Screener

Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal Screener, a product exclusive to Stuller, features an auto-detect feature that gives clear, accurate results in a matter of seconds. Designed specifically for extremely small melee diamonds (from 0.02 mm) to very large diamonds of any shape, it features a large scan area and special tray to adjust its focus. By scanning everything from loose diamonds to watches and jewelry, the screener’s crystal is designed to detect synthetic diamonds grown by HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) or CVD (chemical vapor deposition). It can also detect diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia (CZ) and moissanite, as well as synthetic diamonds coated in moissanite and CZ.

Sunstone Orion PJ Pulse Arc Welder
The Sunstone Orion PJ Pulse Arc Welder, $2,968

Sunstone Orion PJ Pulse Arc Welder

The popularity of permanent jewelry shows no signs of slowing, and this offering was designed and built specifically for permanent jewelry artists. The Orion PJ has smart energy control, extended cable lengths, and cable management features that make it possible to work pop-ups and other remote areas. (Jewelry shows, anyone?) The welder can handle working with very fine chain as well as higher-energy projects, and its smart Energy Control allows users to change the energy in half-joule increments. The welder requires argon gas to operate.

Open Grow Surecast Resin
Open Grow SureCast Resin, $212 for 16 oz.

Open Grow SureCast Resin

A wax-based photopolymer resin with an easily readable color (dark mustard yellow) for better efficiency, SureCast is used for direct-cast 3D printing, and is open source compatible. A Stuller exclusive, it’s compatible with most available platforms. Leonard calls it “the industry leading material for customers looking for immaculate detail with superior castability.” Bonus: no cure time required.

Top: A permanent jewelry situation on the 2023 JCK show floor (photograph by Camilla Sjodin)

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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