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4 New Stickers Available on Instagram


Instagram has expanded its stickers features. The most notable addition is called Reveal, for posting a “hidden” story that can only be revealed via direct message (DM).

Upon selecting this feature, the user will be prompted to type a hint about their story, which will appear blurred to those who view it. Friends will then be able to access the story by sending a DM.

This sounds like it could be useful for businesses—such as jewelers—looking to increase engagement or generate excitement for a new release. Imagine a designer teasing a new creation soon to be available, and “revealing” it via this sticker. They could blur the image, and request interested users to send a DM for more information. It practically feels made for this industry.

An existing Instagram sticker, Add Yours, has been expanded with track options, allowing users to respond to a story with a song. While this doesn’t feel tailored to the jewelry industry, businesses have been increasingly using music to drive engagement, particularly among younger consumers.

Another new sticker is Frames, which turns any photo into a virtual Polaroid—embracing, as many users have been, a retro vibe. Much like a real Polaroid, this virtual one must be “shaken” to develop (users can physically shake their phone or simply press a button). This option provides a good bit of fun and certainly could play nicely with any number of current jewelry trends.

Finally, Instagram has made Cutouts—offered for the past several months only to select users—available to all users of the app. It lets ’Grammers pick up any part of an image and turn it into a sticker . This is a great way to incorporate pictures of jewelry images (or anything else) into collages, fun backgrounds, text posts, and more. You may have noticed JCK’s own Instagram account using this feature with jewelry images from our stories.

(Image via Meta)

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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