New Jersey Jewelers Accused of Fleeing With Customer Merchandise

Two New Jersey jewelers have allegedly closed up their shop and fled with $10,000 worth of customer merchandise, according to a statement from the West New York, N.J., police department.

According to a local news report, police received a complaint from a customer that had pawned gold jewelry at Pepin’s Jewelry in West New York, N.J. The customer alleged the owners, Anibal and Vivian Crespo, closed up their shop without paying for the items.

Since then, police have received five other similar reports, totaling an estimated $10,000 of goods, the statement said.  

Anyone with information is requested to contact West New York Police at 201-295-5011. The West New York Police are also asking anyone who may have pawned or left jewelry with the business to bring copies of your receipts into the department bureau.