New ImaGem Machine Said to Offer Quick Color Grading

Philadelphia-based diamond equipment manufacturer ImaGem says its new color-grading machine, the GL3200, can grade 15 diamonds an hour.

The machine, which grades both colorless and fancy colored diamonds from 10 points to 15 carats, also issues verdicts on proportions, fluorescence, alignment, symmetry, and issues a digital fingerprint.

It does not grade clarity, but ImaGem founder Lalit K. Aggarwal anticipates that will be integrated into a future machine. He also thinks that diamond grading by machine will soon become the norm. 

“There was a time when you had to send your photographs for developing and that was replaced by an integrated machine that was installed in drug store,” he says. “That was replaced by digital technology. Exactly how this technology plays out I can’t tell you, but I do know the old ways of subjective grading are over.”

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