New Artists, Jewelry Preview at Buyers Market

Works by 35 new jewelry artists will be part of the upcoming Buyers Market of American Craft, being held Feb.15-18, in Philadelphia. An exclusive preview of jewelry exhibitors is scheduled Feb.14 at 5 p.m. Both events will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Among the new exhibitors are noted designers, including Suz Andreasen, a celebrated designer based in New York; and Jil Streed of JilArt, a San Diego-area silversmith whose studio and home were demolished this winter by wildfire. With determination and the help of fellow artists, her wholesale business is rising from the ashes.

Buyers can expect to see new designs and trends, including fresh uses of recycled materials. This winter, the leaf is a dominant motif, whether dipped in gold or used to imprint its unique pattern into pewter.

“New work is one of the first things craft retailers seek out when they come to the Buyers Market,” said show director Christine Kloostra. “Exhibiting new talent keeps retailers coming back year after year.”

Held semi-annually, the Buyers Market is the nation’s largest wholesale craft show. It features functional and decorative work by more than 1,200 artists from across the United States and Canada. The summer show will take place Aug. 2-4.

Jewelry artists who are new exhibitors in the Buyers Market of American Craft are:

Amie Louise Plante, (Booth 733)
Carina’s Creations, (Booth 732)
Deb Karash Jewelry, (Booth 1327)
Deborah Harrison Miller Jewelry, (Booth 1216)
DeKoeyer Designs (Booth 1629)
Dee Janssen GlassWorks, (Booth 228)
Elizabeth Finn, (Booth 2826)
Fehrenbach Jewelry, (Booth 1627)
Fiddlesticks, (Booth 232)
Glass Harbor, (Booth 527)
Guencha, (Booth 536)
Harmony Jusseaume, (Booth 734)
JilArt, (Booth 131)
Klinefelter Studio, (Booth 833)
Elena Kriegner, (Booth 1117)
Krista Fenimore Hook, (Booth 932)
L. Hutchcroft Design, (Booth 1620)
LaFollette Design Group, (Booth 436) 
Laura A. Frank Designs, (Booth 1027)
Laura J. Designs, (Booth 233)
Laurel Denise, (Booth 236)
Leah Sturgis Jewelry Art, (Booth 234)
Loretta Lam, (Booth 636)
Mani Designs, (Booth 1514)
Mayapple Creations, (Booth 133)
Nina Basharova Jewelry Design, (Booth 1306)
o*Live, (Booth 736)
Ocean Dreams, (Booth 1032)
Olaria Studio, (Booth 633)
Randall Studio, (Booth 1116)
Diane Rose Designs, (Booth 1013)
Somos Creations, (Booth 1316)
Sowon Joo Studio, (Booth 1010)
Stephen LeBlanc Metalsmithing, (Booth 1417)
Steven Douglas, (Booth 1517)
Susan Rifkin Jewelry Design, (Booth 231)
Wear Ever, (Booth 1115)
Women Want Jewelry, (Booth 1003)

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