New 3D Printer at Basel


The favorite toy for the modern day “techno-jeweler” continues to be the 3D printer. Jewelers are utilizing a variety of CAD programs to design fine jewelry and the obvious outlet for creative expression continues to be 3D wax patterns for investment casting.

This week in Basel, the next generation of 3D wax printers is being unveiled by the jewelry experts at Solidscape®. With several thousand systems at jewelry factories around the world, Solidscape® has been listening to its user base and continues to upgrade the capabilities of their offerings. The T76 modeling system is more reliable, easier to use, and dare I say, sexier than ever before


The new T76 has a host of new user friendly features that reduce the operator’s touch time. The pre-build calibration process is now fully automated and the Windows CE supported ClickIt® software has been upgraded to include a fully integrated audio visual help system. Add to all of this, a sexy 17 inch touch-screen interface which eliminates the mouse and keyboard…… you get a very cool 3D wax printer for the techno-jeweler.


You can see the unveiling of the new T76 3D printer along with lots of other techno-jeweler tools next week at the MJSA Expo New York, April  13 -15.


BTW – I just test drove the new Matrix 6.0 CAD from Gemvision. More later this week on HUGE changes in this popular jewelry software ….. We have a new acronym “ MSR” and it looks like this