Nectarine: The Pantone 2013 Spring Color Report in Jewelry

New York City-based Pantone is viewed as the global authority on color for many in the design industry. That’s why, when the company released its Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2013a rundown of the top 10 colors for both women’s and men’s fashion—we couldn’t wait to see what Marketplace had by way of complementary jewels.

Nectarine iconNectarine: “A bright, effervescent citrus orange with coral undertones, provides a tangy burst of flavor.” —Pantone


Lauren G Adams enamel stacking ring

Lauren G Adams stacking charm ring

Kabana spiny oyster earrings

Kabana spiny oyster earrings

Parure November birthstone pendantParure Silver November birthstone pendant

Yael Norma Morganite earrings

Yael Designs Norma Morganite earrings


Stuller Coral Rose pendant 

Stuller coral Rose pendant


Clara Williams monogram pendant

Clara Williams Company monogram pendant

Goshwara Gossip braceletGoshwara Gossip bracelet


Silver Star Jewelry spiny oyster set

Silver Star Jewelry red spiny oyster set

Rina Limor coral and diamond earrings

Rina Limor coral and diamond earrings

Kabana spiny oyster pendant

Kabana spiny oyster heart pendant

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Check out more Pantone-inspired jewelry by clicking a color below:

Pieces of Pantone: Grayed Jade Pieces of Pantone: Dusk Blue Pieces of Pantone: Lemon Zest Pices of Pantone: Emerald Pieces of Pantone: African Violet Pieces Pantone: Tender Shoots Pieces of Pantone: Monaco Blue Pieces of Pantone: Linen Pieces of Pantone: Red Poppy
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