Natural Color Diamond Association Releases Educational Video on Yellow Diamonds

Despite their lovely warm hue, yellow diamonds often evoke a cool reaction from consumers. But there’s plenty of romance to be teased from the naturally golden gem—you just have to know where to find it.

And now there’s a video for that.

The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) has introduced its first educational video, and it’s focused on yellow diamonds.

Why start an educational series with yellow diamonds? A press release on natural yellow diamonds shared that the organization chose the gem because “this category constitutes the largest opportunity in the colored diamond industry for growth in affordable jewelry.”


NCDIA video
A still from the Natural Color Diamond Association “Yellow Diamonds” video (courtesy of NCDIA)

The professionally filmed video was created for both jewelers and consumers and goes over all the nuts and bolts: the causes of yellow in diamonds, basics on light and color, ranges of color, systems for describing and grading colored diamonds, locations where yellow diamonds are found, differences between natural and synthetic stones, and comparisons between yellow diamonds and other yellow gems, such as sapphire.

But it’s not all dry gem facts: “While it is important to break down some of the technical information, which we do, the public needs to feel encouraged and free to make a personal decision, based on the affordability and beauty of the color for them,” said Alan Bronstein, president of the NCDIA, in the same statement. “We feel confident that this tool will increase the desire and demand for natural yellow diamonds.”

Thomas Gelb, NCDIA’s education director, does the teaching in the 30-minute video, which costs $100 to screen (you simply go here and select the video as your “course” to buy; there’s a teaser for the film on the organization’s home page).

The Natural Color Diamond Association’s primary mission is to increase awareness of natural color diamonds. Specifically: “Our goal is to keep our followers up to date on scientific data affecting our members, changes in the market that affect values and availability, and how to create enthusiasm for sharing the unusual experiences of natural color diamonds,” said Bronstein.

Top image via: @mariachungwx 


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