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True Yogis spent their lives marking different occasions in their physical and spiritual practice by adding charms to their sacred necklaces. Vintage photographs show yogis wearing traditional loin cloths, layered in these charm necklaces. Working directly with traditional peoples, we have been able to source these forgotten relics and bring them to a modern, grateful audience. This 14k gold collar is tangled with aquamarines, moonstones, topaz, druzy agate and talismanic charms. A true one of a kind, this necklace was designed as a powerful piece that will bring protection, strength and intuition to it’s wearer. With a vintage Arabic protection coin from the 1600s and a Tibetan tiger claw over 150 years old, this collar is an amazing piece of wearable history. Lovingly designed by Melissa, this piece is one of her most spiritual and individual pieces. Comes signed and numbered. (Source)

I’m a big fan of Melissa Joy Manning’s work.  

This piece in particular speaks to the Bohemian Aesthetic that I have recently rediscovered and incorporates current trends like tusks and horns that we here at JCK Style 360 have already identified as winners

Who doesn’t like to win? 

Go buy this collar; be a winner!

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14k yellow gold aquamarine, moonstone, druzy and talisman collar. (Source)

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Oakland, CA
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Melissa Joy Manning

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