Mother’s Day SOS

Mother’s Day sales are very important to jewelers. How are jewelers going through Save Our Sales (SOS) during the upcoming holiday? What marketing communication messages have you delivered to your targeted audiences promoting the gifting of jewelry for Mother’s Day? I have seen commercials on television for at least one week promoting jewelry and flowers for this Mother’s Day? What messages has your store sent to your targeted customers promoting Mother’s Day jewelry purchases?

Customers need buying motives to come into a jewelry store. Wish lists are an excellent example. How can retail jewelers use their databases to convey jewelry wish items to potential buyers for Mother’s Day? How might jewelers help husbands decide on the right jewelry for their wives? Adult children also find jewelry to be an outstanding gift for Mother’s Day.

There are so many substitute products that consumers can gift in place of jewelry. How can jewelers position jewelry as the most appropriate gift for this Mother’s Day? How can jewelry be presented as the right selection for Mother’s Day? Consumers will spend over $3 billion on jewelry this Mother’s Day. Consider targeting mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, godmothers and friends with the right jewelry selections at the right price points. that’s what target marketing is all about!

Don’t wait for customers to walk through the door. Start now and target potential customers and provide them with the right stimuli to get them into your jewelry store. What offerings might you provide to targeted customers that will make your store a destination location for purchasing their Mother’s Day gifts?

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