Mother’s Day sales remain the same

Jewelers interviewed by JCK about Mother’s Day revenues were generally pleased, saying sales were comparable to last year’s figures. Most were thankful sales didn’t drop, and many described sales as ‘good,’ ‘great,’ and even ‘excellent.’ The majority noted that sales figures mirrored those of last year’s holiday, give or take a few percentage points. ‘With the slow sales trend occurring this year, we’re very pleased to see our sales remain the same,’ says Roberta Howard, owner of R. Howard Fine Jewelers, Bowling Green, Ohio. Mark Garcia, owner of Garcia & Co., Farmington, N.M., says the word among members of his nationwide buying group reinforces JCK‘s findings: ‘People are doing the same numbers they did last year.’

About 50% of Mother’s Day buying occurred on Friday, May 11. This surprised most jewelers-they expected a greater percentage of procrastinators. Jay Simmons, owner of Simmons Fine Jewelry in Boise, Idaho, has noted a decline in the importance of Mother’s Day among consumers over the past several years. His customers differ from the nationwide norm, because ‘if they’re planning on buying Mom a gift, they get one early,’ says Simmons.

As for best sellers, diamond studs and colored stone bracelets in the $100-$500 price range came out on top (jewelers forecasted these hot items to JCK two weeks ago). Price points were generally lower than last year’s, but that didn’t mean sterling silver only; Moms did get some gold. And contrary to JCK‘s preliminary Mother’s Day report two weeks ago, jewelers did sell some Mother’s rings. ‘But they weren’t too expensive,’ observes a jeweler from Alabama.