This Mother’s Day Jewelry Has ‘Mom’ Written All Over It

There’s really no one perfect jewelry gift for Mother’s Day. But there are a few particular categories or kinds that come to mind, whether it’s because they’ve long been advertised as the ideal choices or they just seem to make sense.

For instance, birthstone jewelry. Remember the pendants that used to be popular, the ones with the gemstone people and the dangling arms and legs? They were like charms that could be collected, pitched as something every mom wanted. I think I had one when I was a preteen, for some inexplicable reason (I liked to spend my money at Piercing Pagoda).

I’m not sure which came first, but that led me to believe that birthstone jewelry is an excellent gift for Mother’s Day. I still think it is—a pretty gemstone jewel symbolic of the child(ren) you birthed, always available in countless varieties, so there really is something for every mom. Yes, this very much still feels like a viable option.

And then there are pearls. I have no idea where I got the idea that every mother needs a strand of pearls—it must have been a particularly sticky advertisement—but never fail, come May, I think, We must start talking about pearls! There is no rhyme or reason behind this logic, and I should say that while I do find pearls lovely, they are not necessarily at the top of my Mother’s Day wish list.

Zoe Chicco Mom small dog tag pendant
X-small Mom dog tag necklace in 14k yellow gold with 0.02 ct. t.w. diamonds, $715; Zoë Chicco

What is at the top of my list this year is another never-fail design gifted year after year by doting children (or so I assume): the mother necklace. I must have gotten my mom at least two of these over the years—a heart containing the word mom, in some variation or another. I wonder what she really thought of them at the time (I do remember her wearing them).

Nor Kogan Mama signet ring
Mama signet ring in 18k yellow gold with blue enamel, $720; Nora Kogan
Tiary Mom ring
Mom ring in 18k rose gold, $348; Tiary

Much like modern heart jewelry, designers are making the old mom jewelry feel ultracool—or at least I find it extra appealing. Is it because I’m a mom that I find these things cool now? I have yet to graduate to the title of “only grooves to Top 40 music” (a title I associate with full-blown mom-hood—sorry, Mom), so I’m still trusting my judgment as a connoisseur of cool. (I should confess to owning several pairs of mom jeans, though.)

Own Your Story Mama Hoop earring
Speak Up, Mama hoop earring in 14k yellow gold with black diamonds, $350; Own Your Story
Maya Brenner Mama necklace
Mama necklace in 14k yellow gold, $315; Maya Brenner

See these modern mom jewels for yourself. I think you’ll understand why I’m wishing for one as we quickly approach Mother’s Day 2020. It definitely won’t look like Mother’s Days of years past, so why not commemorate it with something cool?

Top: Mom tattoo pendant in 18k yellow gold with rubies, $9,240; Established Jewelry

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