A Mother’s Day to Remember: The Industry Celebrates

There’s a long, lovely list of the types of moms out there—the Instagram post above offers a picture-perfect example—and yesterday, we looked to celebrate them all.

The 2020 version of Mother’s Day didn’t look like its predecessors (for most, anyway). And even if you are accustomed to staying at home and doing pretty much nothing on this holiday (isn’t that sort of every mom’s dream, really?), that strange feeling lingers, that of an alternate reality become real, a sense of restrictiveness, of anxiousness, the proverbial ants in the pants.

For many, this was no ordinary Mother’s Day. Warm family gatherings were not held in person, sunlit brunches on restaurant patios were not enjoyed, and—of utmost relevance to our industry—brick-and-mortar stores were not visited.

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But with so many perfect Mother’s Day gifts offered by the creators in our industry, here’s hoping that moms all over were still treated to something special, thanks to e-commerce and social media transactions.


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Yes, things are quite different this year, but if you were looking for comfort in consistency, you may have found it on Instagram. A spin through a feed any time of day would no doubt result in countless tributes to mom of all kinds, though this year they’re all the more appreciated given the circumstances. It was nice to feel in the presence of so much love in a single day, reading many kind words from children to their mothers and vice versa, especially when the bad news keeps rolling in. Many showed endurance despite the pandemic, some paying special tribute because of the situation, others paying it no mind at all (which is, just for a short moment, refreshing). When we’re living for the little things, this all-encompassing love fest felt big and beautiful.

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These are some of my favorites from our industry’s Instagrammers. For those who were celebrating, I hope you, too, found some comfort and peace in your day.

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