‘Most extensive’ watchmaking Web site unveiled

The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (Society for Fine Watchmaking) has launched www.hautehorlogerie.org, which it calls the first and “most extensive knowledge base” in fine watchmaking on the Internet. Its multimedia content is designed for those involved or interested in fine watches, “from manufacturer to retailer, collector to watch lover,” says the Fondation.

The site contains more than 2,000 pages in English and French covering 700 years of watchmaking; more than 1,000 images; over 350 illustrated definitions of technical terms; information about mechanical watches, plus experts’ advice. There are virtual exhibitions, in-depth articles, 11 Fondation-produced TV documentaries about master watchmakers and watchmaking, and information about the Salon de la Horologerie (SIHH), the Fondation’s annual international luxury watch show.

The Fondation was founded in 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland, to “promote the values of mechanical, technical and fine fine-watchmaking.” It plans to launch this autumn a journal of news and “thematic issues” in watchmaking, called Journal de la Haute Horologerie.