Most Consumers Don’t Wear a Watch Daily, Survey Finds

Less than half of consumers wear watches on a daily basis, according to the Consumer Watch Report recently released by the NPD Group and CivicScience.

The survey found that 32 percent of consumers currently wear watches every day. Baby boomers have the highest rate of daily watch wear, it found.

By contrast, millennials tend not to be regular watch wearers, though they will sport timepieces occasionally, as they are interested in fashion. They tend to gravitate toward trendy, fashion-forward styles, the survey found.

The survey also found that 29 percent of watch dollars are spent online. About half of that—14 percent—is spent at “pure-play” e-tailers, while another 15 percent is sold by other retailers who sell online.

In addition, smartwatches are making a dent in the market: Some 7 percent of consumers now own a smartwatch, and 17 percent own fitness trackers.

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2 responses to “Most Consumers Don’t Wear a Watch Daily, Survey Finds”

  1. Watch market is shrinking and will keep shrinking.

    You can buy most of them much cheaper online than retailers can buy, stock to resell them. Not worth it. It is sold by the watch companies themselves to online discount companies. Watches are no longer a good investment.

    Retail Fine jewellery store owners really need to reinvent themselves to survive and become successful in our business.

  2. The watch industry squandered the profits they made for years and failed to invest in innovation. Its hard to justify spending $3500+ on a luxury timepiece that only gives you the time and a date when an Apple Watch or any smartwatch for that matter does so much more. I also was able to sell my $500 Apple Watch for $300 online with a well known buyer of apple products and purchase a brand new Apple Watch while loosing only 20% of my original investment. Not possible with a comparably priced Seiko. Innovate or die.

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