Moscow Diamond Bourse to Celebrate WFDB Membership with Two-Day Event

The Moscow Diamond Bourse will formally celebrate its acceptance as a full member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses during a celebration on Dec. 13 and 14.

The WFDB General Assembly unanimously accepted its application to become the federation’s 26th member organization during the June World Diamond Congress.

“The gathering in Moscow will afford us the opportunity to thank the leadership of the industry for the support that they afforded us in obtaining WFDB membership” said Lev Polyakov, the MDB president. “It also will enable us underscore what we believe is our bourse’s primary mission—and that is to provide a trading platform for the developing diamond and jewelry sector in Russia and the other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The region is home to a population of more than 360 million, representing a future market of tremendous potential. It is our aim is to help realize that potential.”

The proceedings will begin with a conclave on the on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 13, which will be attended by leaders of the Russian and international diamond and jewelry sectors, members of the Russian government and parliament, representatives of the diplomatic corps in Moscow, and the media. It will be followed by a luncheon. Guest will then pay an official visit to the Moscow Diamond Bourse.

On the morning of Dec. 14, an open house will be held at the bourse, where guests can meet with representatives of the diamond and jewelry trades from across Russia and the CIS. MDB membership, which currently stands at more than 40, has more than doubled since the beginning of the year, and today counts members from Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, and Latvia. In the evening there will be a gala dinner, at which a number of Russian and international industry leaders will be honored. The dinner also will feature the presentation of an award to the Russian Diamond Chamber, congratulating the sister bourse on its 10th anniversary since its founding.

Among the industry leaders who have already confirmed their participation are Ernest Blom, president of the WFDB; Gaetano Cavalieri, president of CIBJO; Eli Izhakoff, chairman of the World Diamond Council; and Avi Paz, vice president of the WFDB.