More Memorable Moments From JCK Las Vegas 2012

You didn’t think I could fit all of the show’s greatest moments in one blog post, did you? Take a look at more of these winning times from JCK Las Vegas 2012.


My friends at Kameleon humored me with a photo op with their new mascot, Princess Popsalot. 


Fellow JCKer Bev looks gorgeous in these earrings from Karats & Carats.


Karin Jamieson models one of her earthy-cool necklaces. Isn’t the design (and the designer) beautiful?


Frank Reubel showcased this modern piece, which was specially designed for JCK Las Vegas.


The Ounce Collection Team was a good-looking bunch! At center is vice president Moe Ghoreyshi and president Mehran Ghoreyshi, flanked by their stunning wives Sahel Amani and Bahar, who modeled the jewels.


The show may be over, but the fun doesn’t have to end. Visit JCK Marketplace year-round to keep up on the latest from your favorite jewelry designers and manufacturers.

Stayed tuned for more highlights from the show!

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