Professionally Designed Mood Boards Could Make Your Next Jewelry Campaign a Winner

When it comes to high production values, exquisite storytelling, and exquisite product to match, New York’s Larkspur & Hawk comes to mind immediately.

The line’s newest collection, inspired by far-flung getaways and escapes from the day-to-day, is accompanied by a gorgeous campaign that reflects a collaboration between founder and designer Emily Satloff and Charlottesville, Va.–based stylist and photographer Robin Verrier of Verry Robin & Co.

“I discovered Robin through a colleague, and I was immediately captivated by her unique talents for creating, styling, and photographing collection mood boards,” says Satloff. “She has a prop closet that could rival any magazine’s, and what she may not have tucked away she magically finds.

“The monetary and emotional investment in still-life photography has always been worthwhile for Larkspur & Hawk and is a medium that allows me to visually articulate the mood and direction of each capsule. I believe it is needed now more than ever as we enter a world where customers will depend more and more on social media for brand education, and our retail buying appointments will be conducted virtually. We need lasting visuals, since these have become our loudest voice and ultimately are a very necessary marketing tool for our clients and retail partners.”

Larkspur Hawk verbena quartz board
Professionally designed mood board from Larkspur & Hawk’s summer campaign, now live on the brand’s website, featuring new quartz rivière necklaces and cluster, girandole, and drop earrings in pink and green. “As I commenced on my design journey in 2019, I could not have known how truly important it would be to virtually experience faraway destinations during our spring/summer lockdowns,” says Satloff.  
Larkspur Hawk nectar quartz board
“The planning of our spring/summer 2020 shoot began well in advance of the pandemic,” says Satloff, who was able to connect with Verrier virtually when it came to concepting and finalizing the composition of each shot. “When Robin styled and shot this campaign in April, the props and symbolism used in each set became…bittersweet reminders that, for now, the carefree joy of escape needs to happen in new, even two-dimensional ways.”

And why mood boards in particular?

“Typically when you photograph jewelry you can only hit one note—the imagery is not as rich as it could be because the pieces are so small and usually hard to photograph on their own,” says Verrier, who has also created mood boards for fashion brands such as Loeffler Randall, Tory Burch, and Tocca. “But when you style with layers and other pretty objects and props, you can really tell a story. That’s why I love using mood boards [for brand marketing]. The imagery can really draw you in to take a closer look. It also allows the eye to travel to all the unique items in the scene so you get what the aesthetic of the new line is and it makes you want to be part of it.”

Larkspur Hawk Aegean quartz board
Larkspur & Hawk Caterina earrings, rivière necklace, and earrings. Says Verrier, “I think it’s so fun to plunge into a color story to help bring each beautiful piece of jewelry to life and play up the aesthetic that the pieces themselves were inspired by. From oceans and travel to textures and shadows, it’s like stepping into a dream.”

The Larkspur & Hawk summer range, all in white quartz with multi-color foils and 18k yellow gold washed sterling or black rhodium washed sterling, is priced from $800 to $5,400.


Top: Larkspur & Hawk founder and designer Emily Satloff used professionally styled and photographed mood boards to evoke the mood of faraway, warm, relaxing escapes to the Aegean Sea and other tropical hideaways while highlighting her newest jewels. Here, we have the Caterina rivière necklace featuring Aegean and pale-blue foil-backed white quartz amid objects and images that capture the ocean’s depths and mysteries—and a feeling of pure escapist bliss.


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Amy Elliott

JCK Contributing Editor

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