Montana Jewelry Store Gifts Grads With Sapphire Pendants

Adair Jewelers has a sparkling gift of all the graduating senior girls in western Montana: Montana sapphire pendants.

“It’s a way to give back and say congratulations to the girls,” says Adair sales associate Kalynn Robinson.

So far, more than 450 graduates have stopped by the Missoula, Mont., store to select the sapphire of their choice. Adair Jewelers is offering a variety of size stones for the new grads to choose from. 

Photo courtesy of Adair Jewelers

“A lot of girls are traveling to different states to attend college. With the pendant, they’ll have a piece of Montana with them,” Robinson says.

This is the second year the store has commemorated high school graduation with sparkle, and it plans on upholding the tradition in the future.

“We’re planning on continuing the tradition in the years to come,” Robinson says. “So many people are appreciative.”