Mondaine Debuts Helvetica Watch Line

Courtesy Mondaine

Helvetica watch detail

Every designer’s favorite font has inspired a line of watches by Mondaine, the Swiss watch company.

The typeface, which was developed in 1957 by Swiss designers Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann, is ubiquitous and beloved for its simplicity.

“Deciding to use Helvetica as the inspiration for our new family of watches was more difficult than designing the watch itself,” designer Martin Drechsel told Fast Company’s design vertical Co.Design. “The decision process that ended with Helvetica ultimately took about four years of intense discussions.”

The dial includes only Helvetica type, but even the design was inspired by the font. The numeral 1 in Helevetica was used as a model for the lugs, lending its shape and proportions. 

“The watch collection is brand new yet will appear familiar to most people around the world,” said Mondaine CEO Andre Bernheim. “The key to being an icon lies in immediate recognition. The Mondaine Helvetica goes beyond mere visual identification; it is instinctive.”