Mobile Shopping Revenues Up 125 Percent

It’s no secret that we are all using our phones more than ever, but a new study from MarketLive, a company that provides e-commerce technology to retailers, has found that consumers are using mobile devices for shopping at eye-popping rates.

The study found that revenues from mobile shoppers are up 125 percent over last year.

Other key insights, since last year:

• Overall retailer website traffic is up 10.2 percent. 

• Overall online revenue is up 9 percent.

• Brick-and-mortar retailers’ online revenue, including mobile, tablet, and computer, is up 25 percent. 

• Brick-and-mortar retailers’ mobile revenue is up 163 percent. 

• Conversion rates for mobile are still three times lower than from a computer.

MarketLive advises retailers that mobile-responsible website design is vital, and that in-store and mobile promotions need to be aligned.

“The smarter retailers have figured out how to capture these online sales by integrating mobile shopping with their in-store experiences, adapting their marketing programs to align with how shoppers browse on smartphones, and equipping their in-store sales clerks with the tools to find the inventory and complete the transaction,” said Ken Burke, founder and CEO of MarketLive. 

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