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Mobile Now Trumps Desktop for E-Commerce, Says Survey

The mobile shopping revolution is here. 

More consumers are interacting with retailers though their phones and tablets than through desktop computers, according to a new survey from Shop.org. 

The report found that more than half (55 percent) of all retail-related Internet time originated on smartphones and tablet devices. Just 45 percent came from desktop devices.

Notable for the jewelry industry: Apparel and accessories was a leading category for mobile shoppers. It accounted for 37 percent of all their purchases.

One third (35 percent) of all smartphone shoppers used their device to locate a store, the survey said, while a little less than one quarter (24 percent) used it to find coupons and deals; and 19 percent used it to determine product availabity.

“Mobile can’t be viewed simply as an ancillary device or action,” said Shop.org executive director Vicki Cantrell in a statement. “Retailers have to continue to invest to make sure they get their mobile offerings right, or will increasingly risk alienating customers and leaving significant money on the table.”

The report was produced in partnership with comScore and the Partnering Group.

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