Mobile Jewelry Store to Head South For Winter

New York–based
jewelry designer Joey Wolffer, who founded The Styleliner, a mobile fashion
accessories truck, is taking her new retail business to Florida Feb. 1.  
“A lot of people go down to Florida for the winter. It’s cold in New York and
I’d just like to keep it going,” Wolffer says. Wolffer plans on packing up
her refurbished 22-foot potato chip truck and hitting Miami and West Palm Beach
during New York’s cold months.
“In Florida, you’ve got different resort areas and I’m catering to the customer
by traveling to them. I’m not just a shop sitting waiting for the customer. I
go to the customer.”  

Wolffer worked as a trend and design director for several corporate companies,
but it wasn’t something she wanted to do forever. “I didn’t want to start my
own line because the competition is huge. I wanted something a little more
different,” she says.
She launched The Styleliner in the Hamptons last summer before eventually
finding a regular parking spot in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District near the Standard Hotel.
“Obviously, we’ve been following a lot of food trucks that are going
everywhere. I thought, Wouldn’t it be cool to sell jewelry in a truck?”


Wolffer and her boyfriend began asking food vendors where to get a truck. She found her truck in New Jersey and recruited Regina Kay and James
Spodnik of Regina Kay Interiors to bring the truck’s aesthetic to life.
“It’s a vintage steamer trunk on the outside,” she says.   
Inside, Wolffer fills The Styleliner with accessories she’s picked up during
her travels to Paris, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. “It’s really
what I think the trend is for the time, and it’s what I think is best for the
woman as my customer,” she says.
In addition to selling jewelry she’s collected, she sells her own line.
“Everything I do is pretty much natural chic, combining elements of wood and
horn,” she says. “You many find a piece of leather with a vintage crystal
hanging off of it.”
Her merchandise ranges from $25 to $1,800, with a blasted metal with
glitter bracelet from KMO her best-selling product. In addition to jewelry,
Wolffer fills the truck with accessories including bags, hats, scarves, tights,
and belts.

Photos courtesy of Joey Wolffer

Wolffer says sales were great during the holiday season but customers are still
shy about shopping in a truck. “People are skeptical at first but there’s not
a mass murderer in the truck. When people come in, they love it.”

As she heads to Florida, Wolffer says she wants build her website to create
buzz about the mobile shopping experience. “I’d eventually like
to have another truck. I’d love to have one in California and drive around
Venice Beach,” she says. “That’s the dream.”

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