Mississippi Jewelry Store Offering Full Refunds if the Local Football Team Wins

The long-running competitive spark between two Mississippi college football teams—the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles—is currently the stuff of a month-long promotion at Carter’s Jewelry.

The fine jewelry store is based in Petal, Miss., just outside of Hattiesburg, home of the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). The retailer announced on its website—by way of a short-and-sweet video—that it will give clients a full refund of any purchase made in the month of August (shoppers get to keep their baubles, of course) if USM defeats Mississippi State in the Sept. 5 matchup. 

Football-theme jewelry promotions and ads are popular in the late summer and fall—particularly in areas around big football universities, which lure hordes of fanatical fans to every game. But potentially offering up an entire month of sales revenue feels particularly…exciting. And reckless?

Carter’s didn’t return a request for comment. But it seems the promotion has been preapproved by the store’s insurance company. There are a handful of insurers that partner with stores on promotions that pay off through chance occurences, such as rainy-day refunds.

“I bet you’re wondering how the promotion is possible,” says one of the spokeswomen featured in the video, who goes on to explain that the store files a claim for refund with its insurance company, “then we have a refund party, and everyone is happy…and the insurance company is banging its head against the wall.”

Here’s the spirited video:

JCK Magazine Editor