Mira Is the Fitness Tracker for the Rest of Us

Photo by Mira

The Mira

Smart jewelry and wearable tech expanded in a big way in 2014, and the creators of the Mira bracelet want to bring even more customers into the fold.

Mira was designed as an answer to the “boring black bands,” a reference to the popular Jawbone. A fitness tracker for the rest of us, the bracelet is meant to be fashionable as well as inspirational, delivering suggestions called Boosts to inspire you to move more. A custom app asks users to share their goals, and the bracelet delivers inspirational messages throughout the day.

Mira understands that just because you aren’t running three miles a day, doesn’t mean you’re not concerned with your health and fitness,” the company says. “We believe in celebrating and encouraging every healthy choice and fit moment, no matter how small. That’s why we created Boosts —fun, simple, and effective suggestions to help busy women make the most of every healthy opportunity.

Mira is a staff pick on Kickstarter and as of this writing has raised $6,767 of its $10,000 goal. It will retail for $169, though early backers can preorder it for $149. The Kickstarter campaign ends on Jan. 5, and it expects to ship by the end of the month.