Millennials See Diamonds as an Investment, Poll Says

Four-fifths of millennial woman see diamond jewelry as a long-term investment, according to a new survey by Kelton Research.

The poll was done for the Diamond Producers Association, the group doing “category-driving” campaigns for the natural diamond industry.

The poll of nearly 1,000 millennial women found that:

– Nearly 9 in 10 (89 percent) look for authenticity when buying luxury items such as diamonds.

– Ninety-four percent of high-earning millennials would prefer one more expensive, genuine item, over a lot of cheaper items.

– Eighty-five percent say they would be embarrassed owning a knock-off, especially for luxury items.

– Two out of three (66%) millennial women said they feel more confident wearing diamond jewelry.

“When evaluating luxury purchases, they seek items that are genuine, unique…not mass-produced, and have inherent meaning and value,” said Deborah Marquardt, chief marketing officer of the Diamond Producers Association, in a statement.

(Image courtesy of the Diamond Producers Association)

JCK News Director

  • Lapidary Artist

    Is that a long term financial investment or a long term investment in personal confidence?

  • vizio777

    Why not just ask the REAL question instead of dancing around the subject of Natural vs. Synthetic? Sounds a bit desperate. Question: natural diamonds are not mass produced therefore diamonds are rare. True or false? Are we looking at peak diamond [someday] like peak oil? The vast majority of diamonds are not sold in branded, luxury jewelry and plenty natural diamonds are sold in knock-off jewelry and watches. ?????? This whole effort by DPA could be and should be far more brilliant than it is!

  • Sarah

    Good news. Maybe. But years in retail have taught me that what people say they want and what they end up with can be radically different. As a Feminist I also hate to admit it but age makes a difference in a woman’s perspective. A woman in her early twenties who says she wants a diamond may primarily want her boyfriend to buy her a diamond. A woman in her late thirties with an established career who wakes up one morning and wants “diamonds for confidence” will probably buy herself a 2ct (or 2 ct plus) pair of diamond earrings. As a romantic I want all those twenty somethings to get the diamond and true love to go along with it (despite being in the jewelry business I’m also enough of a romantic to hope that everyone gets true love even if it means they forget about diamonds). But as a business person I find the thirty-something career woman a better potential client. The fifty something bride heading down the aisle for the fourth time is also a good financial bet.