Millennials and Moissanite Set the Stage for Category Disruption

A new generation is turning the diamond industry on its head. Likely to shun unethically produced products, millennials send the message loud and clear that sustainability and corporate responsibility matter. Enter a new gem that has risen to face their socially conscious concerns: Forever One Moissanite.

Currently the world’s leading provider of gem-quality moissanite, Charles & Colvard meets millennial consumers on their terms. Charles & Colvard has been working for decades to perfect moissanite. Its newest generation of gemstones, Forever One, which is truly colorless in the D-E-F color range, is more eye-catching than traditional diamonds—moissanite doubles the light refraction, is guaranteed to last forever, and will never lose its fire or brilliance. Combined with old-world craftsmanship and hand-faceting, it is a gemstone that rivals any on the market.

Charles & Colvard also satisfies the group’s demand for value. Because moissanite is lab-grown and not dependent on a dwindling supply of natural resources, it can be passed on to the consumer at a fraction of the cost. Most important, lab-grown means that a bride wearing a Charles & Colvard moissanite engagement ring can walk down the aisle confident she is not a participant in unethical or environmentally unfriendly practices. Guaranteed.

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