Michael Hill Names Brett Halliday North American President

Halliday currently heads the company’s Canada division

Michael Hill has named Brett Halliday North American president, a new position for the company.

Halliday has been with the company for 23 years and has headed operations in Canada since 2007. In his new role, he will oversee the company’s divisions in Canada and the U.S., where the company has 10 stores.

“The Canadian segment continues to show strong growth as we gain traction in the larger provinces such as Ontario,” Halliday said in a statement. “We are confident this trend will continue in coming years as we grow out the brand toward 100 stores.… I am very excited to help continue to develop the skills of the U.S. teams to achieve the same level of success.”

The brand’s primary markets are Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, and the company reports that they are making headway in the U.S.

“The U.S. is the largest, most vibrant jewelry market in the world, we have learnt a lot in our time there and we are committed to continued growth and success in this exciting market,” CEO Phil Taylor said in a statement.

Taylor replaced longtime CEO Mike Parsell, who resigned in August. 

(Photo courtesy of Michael Hill)

  • Shiv C

    Canada’s Michael Hill has been another boring cookie cutter store with not much improvement from its US stores.

    This clearly mean’s Brett Halliday will drag the company Michael Hill in North America till they decide to cut their losses and close them all like Ben Moss.

    It must be another easy decision as now CEO Phil Taylor does not have to really look for real fresh new industry leaders that can bring this company to new high’s.

  • mr e

    I’m hearing lots of bitterness and negativity here.
    Perhaps, concentrate on spelling and apostrophe use to brighten up your day!
    … just a happy thought 🙂

    • Shiv C

      No bitterness just facts, have you actually been to a Michael Hill store in Canada? Have you read customer comments online about this small chain in North America?

      Brett Halliday has not done much in Canada with Michael Hill stores. One cannot be doing the same thing and expect a difference.