Michael Caine + Demi Moore = ‘Flawless’

Can’t wait for the next big diamond movie? Well your wait is almost over, and this one looks fun. Michael Caine and Demi Moore star, respectively, as Hobbs, a janitor, and Laura Quinn, an American exec fighting the glass ceiling, in the 1960s heist flick Flawless. Set in London (but filmed in Luxembourg), and loosely based on real life, the duo join forces to steal diamonds from their corrupt employer, the London Diamond Corp. Michael Radford (Il Postino) directs. Read an early review from JCK’s sister publication Variety here.

The best part—other than Caine and Moore reteaming after 23 years (Blame It on Rio)? The retro graphics of the (mostly) black-and-white movie poster below.

Movie posters via WildAboutMovies.com

Originally set for a 2007 release, look for Flawless to bow in the first quarter of 2008.

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