Men posing as FedEx workers rob N.Y. jewelry district business

Two armed bandits disguised as Federal Express employees talked their way into a New York Diamond District jewelry business Tuesday and stole $4 million, the New York &I>Daily News&/a> reports.

Brandishing guns and plastic handcuffs, the robbers reportedly were in and out of Doppelt & Greenwald Diamonds, a sixth-floor jewelry wholesaler at Fifth Ave. and W. 47th St., in just a few minutes.

The robbers used the handcuffs to bind five employees and two customers, police reportedly said. Then they scooped loose diamonds and watches into duffel bags and fled, according to cops. No one was hurt in the 12:30 p.m. robbery.

Witnesses reportedly described one suspect as heavy-set and the other as having dyed red hair. After they fled, one of the employees reportedly untied himself and called police.

At least one security camera captured the slick suspects inside the building, a police official reportedly said. The images were being reviewed late Tuesday, to see whether they’ll be useful in the investigation.