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Holiday Must: Meili’s Pillars Collection


As I write this, Starbucks has made its annual debut of the polarizing pumpkin spice latte (PSL, for short).

What does this have to do with jewelry? Well, love it or hate it (or like me, get it once a year for a few sips to officially partake in the season), PSL represents the introduction to what will be a rapidly moving holiday season. It’s fall: It’s Halloween! Thanksgiving is here! And—boom!—it’s the holidays. Is any time of year more a blur than this?

Shoppers may just be getting into the spirit of back-to-school, but retailers are always several steps ahead. Some started planning their holiday stock the moment we rang in the new year, but there’s always room to squeeze in new offerings before the mad dash for gifts really begins.

To perfect said gifts, look no further than Meili, a brand celebrating wearers’ experiences and unique stories, and its Pillars collection.

I started obsessing over Meili’s key charms—from the brand’s Emblems collection, and still at the top of my holiday wish list—back in March, and the New York–based jeweler’s hits keep coming. Alongside the keys, Emblems offers luscious golden styles including Directions (arrows) and stunning initials (pictured below).

“Meili Fine Jewelry is about to celebrate its first anniversary on Monday, August 28,” says founder and designer Anna Meili Adelman. “In this first year, I’ve noticed fine jewelry is hardly acquired impulsively; rather, each piece is chosen to elegantly honor deep personal connections and narratives.”

Meili Initial Emblem pendant
Emblems initial pendant in 18k yellow gold with 0.05 ct. diamond, $1,200

Meili’s jewelry is inherently sentimental—while new, it has the look of something containing decades of memories, of history. “My designs serve as personal mementos, encapsulating pivotal moments that have shaped us into who we are,” Adelman says. “So the real factors to consider are resonance, cohesion, and, most importantly, how the wearer can forge that personal connection.”

Meili Pillars pendant
Pillars pendant in 18k yellow gold with amethyst, $1,100

The signature Pillars collection provides a perfect accompaniment for Emblems: Oblong bars of colored gemstones are made for piling on, especially when they’re in pendant form. Plus, they have the benefit of being gender-neutral. “We’ve definitely witnessed a notable shift in the demand for men’s and gender-neutral jewelry—particularly, the popularity of pinky rings and the fascination with vibrant natural gemstones reflecting a broader desire for self-expression, individuality, while also serving as a meaningful way to connect oneself to individual stories and loved ones,” Adelman says.

Meili Pillars vertical ring
Pillars vertical ring in 18k yellow gold with rose quartz, $1,800
Meili Pillars horizontal ring
Pillars horizontal ring in 18k yellow gold with carnelian, $2,000

An assortment of rings—available with the gemstones set in an east-west or north-south orientation—seem like no-fuss staples that anyone would like to wear, with a simplicity that’s surprisingly impactful.

Meili Pillar hoop earrings
Pillars hoop earrings in 18k yellow gold with green tourmaline, $2,600
Meili Pillars double drop earrings
Pillars double drop earrings in 18k yellow gold with citrine, $3,300
Meili Pillars stud earrings
Pillars stud earring in 18k yellow gold with lapis lazuli, $1,300 (sold as single)

So too do the earrings. In hoop form, they’re a dramatic take on a classic that will always be in demand: linear earrings with a delightful dangle, constructed with movement that will catch the eye and give a satisfying swing when worn. The Pillars stud earrings lend a killer look to any lobe.

Meili Pillars toggle bracelet
Pillars toggle bracelet in 18k yellow gold with citrine, prices starting at $5,700

Maybe the coolest of the bunch are Meili’s necklaces and bracelets that use gems in a toggle design. Their gold chains align with consumer demand, while the gemstones provide an angle we don’t see often elsewhere. It is, again, a powerful simplicity that nails quiet luxury, and once one is put on, I can’t imagine it being taken off.

“Our Pillars rings have garnered significant attention, particularly our five- and seven-stone rings adorned with monochrome gemstones,” the designer says. The former (pictured at top) evokes the Emerald City of Oz with its tall, looming shapes of green— though the gems are tourmaline, not emerald.

As for what Adelman expects consumers to be searching for this holiday season: “With the continuing upward trend in the price of gold, it’s likely that shoppers will gravitate towards subtler and less gold-centric jewelry options, embracing delicate and refined everyday styles.”

Top: Pillars five-stone ring in 18k yellow gold with tourmaline, $4,100; Meili

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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