Meet the Jewelers Putting the ‘Fine’ in German Finest

The German Olympic team of jewelry design

If I have learned anything from my time in the jewelry industry, it’s that the people here really know how to come forward and support each other. There’s competition, sure, but most instances of it are healthy, respectful, and warm. It’s a shared passion to be a part of this industry–whether that’s through design, support of those designs (sales, marketing, and PR), or, in my case, a pure devotion to obsession. That’s why the concept of German Finest is such a wondrous one–and one that has managed to wrangle a ton of immense talent at that.

German Finest is like the German Olympic team of jewelry. Six individual—and notable—brand names uniting under one name, and with one purpose: to illustrate the quality and design of “made in Germany.” So, what’s in a name (or more specifically, this name)? While the writer in me wants to insist that the moniker should be German’s Finest, the possessive simply isn’t factoring in to what the brand is trying to convey here. According to the brand, it goes something like this:

German. “Clearly a certificate of origin and thus an international quality promise: German manufactory, German quality, German craftsmanship, German design, and Germany jewelry culture; all features which are known in many countries around the world for the highest standards and highest quality.”

Finest. “The claim the six [member] factories are committed to. Each member of German Finest has its proper place in the international jewelry business and is in its segment internationally among the absolute top firms.

So, there you have it. They’re German, they’re the finest; they’re German Finest. And because I would never deprive you a viewing of beautiful jewelry, I’ve got the evidence to show how the designers representing German Finest really are upholding its name. Behold.


The innovative line presented by Schaffrath, with jewelry designer Alexander Leuz and diamantaire Christian Schaffrath behind it, centers on a patented principle dubbed Liberté; a setting that allows light to flow with “360-degree movement,” engaging the diamond’s maximum sparkle. The designs are incredibly sleek and eye-catching, no matter which way the light hits.

Schaffrath Liberte diamond bracelet | JCK On YOur Market



Schaffrath Liberte diamond stud earrings | JCK On Your Market


Jörg Heinz

Always different—but always me. That’s the slogan of the German brand run by brothers Martin and Lars Heinz, specializing in jewelry that transforms through the art of changeable pieces. The Mystery Sphere, a piece that changes looks with the click of a button, is the centerpiece of its designs seen here.

Jorg Heinz Mystery Sphere collection necklace | JCK On Your Market


Jorg Heinz Mystery Sphere collection pearl bracelet | JCK On Your Market




Founded in 1967 by Heinz and Tove Gellner and now run by their son Jörg, Gellner is renowned for both its love of and work with pearls. Its Castaway collection combines Tahitian cultured pearls with slim, sparkling lines of brown and black diamonds and rose gold accents. The style can be described as casual luxury—its elements wholly precious, combining for a look that can be worn piled on, solo, or any which way a person desires.

Gellner Castaway collection necklace | JCK On Your Market


Gellner Castaway collection bracelet | JCK On Your Market


Michael Weggenmann

“Sensual jewelry” is how Michael Weggenmann describes his work, infusing his love for exceptional gemstones into very wearable designs. Natural color diamonds are a specialty, poured into pieces customers will want to stack, layer, and love for life.

Michael Weggenmann Plaisier rings | JCK On Your Market


Michael Weggenmann Rendezvouz necklaces | JCK On Your Matket


Henrich & Denzel

The young Henrich & Denzel, established in 1984, has quickly risen to international accolade with its enthustiastic design in platinum and diamonds. With Tenda, Henrich & Denzel has created a line of rings featuring a special mechanism that allows layers of movable elements to play a game of hide and seek: that is, to recoil and expand to create a wider (or slimmer) look. The design has been recognized with a Red Dot Award and a 2014 Couture Design Award Innovation.

Henrich + Denzel Tenda collection rings | JCK On Your Market



With a clear affinity for the oversized, IsabelleFa specializes in jewelry that is not only durable, but chic, eye-catching, and, well, big! Big on style, big on color, big on size. The modern brand has put forth collections like Bronze (pictured), marrying bronze metal with rose gold; Classique, a fairly straightforward though luxurious roster of chunky designs; Innovation, four-time Red Dot Award–winning designs that exemplify modern technique and creative aesthetic; and Pure, designs that, though often lined with diamonds, rely on the clean lines of its bangles, collars, earrings, and rings, to take center stage.

IsabelleFa Bronze collection | JCK On Your Market


Because you definitely want to know more about these individual brands and the mission of German Finest, visit And be sure to check it out up close and personal when you’re in Las Vegas this year during Couture, which runs June 2–6 at the Wynn Las Vegas. If you find these styles enticing on your screen, imagine how they’ll look live.

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