Meet Mr. Social: The App That Posts to Twitter for You

Small business owners struggling to find the resources to manage their Twitter account may have a new best friend—Mr. Social.

The cheekily monikered social media assistant shares content to social channels on behalf of your business and promises to get a week’s worth of tweeting done in two minutes. 

It works like this: Users enter search terms and keywords relevent to their business, e.g. “black diamonds” and “Shinola.” Using the keywords entered by the user, the app presents a list of potentially shareable, news-like items, which the user can approve or reject, then schedule to post on Twitter throughout the week (the app claims to be debuting a Facebook- posting service soon). 

See a (very low-tech) video detailing how the app works here:

Courtesy Mr. Social 

It’s a surprisingly easy—and effective—process. Of course, not all search results are spot-on. But because you’re provided with a chunky list of potential items to share with followers, choosing wisely is possible. 

But buyer beware: Robotic social sharing has the potential to suck all the personality out of your feed. And once intimacy is lost on a Twitter feed, followers may follow suit. 

Still, I think the app is nifty and has its place in business—namely in the tool kit of über-busy small business owners whose choices are, fundamentally: 1) push something out or 2) push nothing out. 

Mr. Social also has a companion blog, Mr. Feed, that creates your own landing or news page from a list of favorite websites you enter into a field. 

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