Matrix Design Contest Winners Announced at 2010 Gemvision Design Symposium

Gemvision Corporation held its 8th
Gemvision Design Symposium event October 2-4 near Chicago in Schaumburg,
IL at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center.

The jewelry design and technology event featured
presentations of the latest Gemvision CAD/CAM innovations, training classes,
networking opportunities, a live head-to-head Matrix Design Contest and the
Matrix Design Contest Awards Dinner announcing the contest winners.

The event also featured a preview of Version 7 of
the award-winning Matrix 3D Design Software including a demonstration of new
T-Splines technology integrated into Matrix.

Below is a complete list of 2010 Matrix Design
Contest winners in every category:

Grand Prize Best in Show: Christopher Moriarty, Moriarty’s
Gem Art

Overall Design 1st Place: Justin Scott, Meigs

Overall Design 2nd Place: Nicole Fanous, Fanous
Jewelers Inc

Overall Design 3rd Place: Bobby Gholson, Gholson
Originals Fine Jewelry

Overall Design Honorable Mention: Alexander
Davis, Rowan Davis Jewellery

Overall Design Honorable Mention: Michael Devlin,
Devlin Jewelry Design

Overall Design Honorable Mention: Greg Stopka, Jewelsmiths

Best Render 1st Place: Joseph Meadows, David
Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry

Best Render 2nd Place: Justin Scott, Meigs

Best Render 3rd Place: Brendan Thielman, Out of
the Box

Best Render Honorable Mention: John Bradley, Dot

Best Render Honorable Mention: Jason Lee, Diamond
Jewellery Boutique

Best Render Honorable Mention: Nick Rowan, Rowan
Davis Jewellery

Technical Merit 1st Place: Tri Nguyen, Zoran

Technical Merit 2nd Place: Kitty Hundley, Sierra
Pacific Casting

Technical Merit 3rd Place: David Armstrong, Charles
Koll Jewellers

Technical Merit Honorable Mention: Robert
Lingham, Lingham Jewellery Pty Ltd

Technical Merit Honorable Mention: Christopher
Moriarty, Moriarty’s Gem Art

Technical Merit Honorable Mention: Tri Nguyen, Zoran

Best Student Design: Rehan Sheikh, Pakistan Gems
and Jewellery Development Company

Provided Pink Tourmaline Gemstone: Brent Kehrle,
Ron Rizzo Jewelry

Provided Green Tourmaline Gemstone: Michael
Devlin, Devlin Jewelry Design

Provided Tanzanite Gemstone: John Witt, John
Austin Designs Inc.

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