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Matara Campaign Seeks to Update Pearls as Symbols of Power and Success


With its new Power of Matara Pearl campaign, Matara says it hopes to expand people’s understanding of this gem beyond its surface beauty and position pearls as symbols of wealth, success, and power.

The Power of Matara Pearl is part of the brand’s ninth-anniversary celebration as well, says Matara co-founder and CEO Jongjin “Jin” Jungsura. She and friends Salil “Tangmo” Andraphan and Patchaploy “Prae” Matarungsombat co-founded Matara in Bangkok in 2014.

Jungsura told JCK that they don’t want to change what pearls traditionally represent—purity, love, and elegance in particular. Matara wants to add new symbolism so customers see how wearing pearls can bring good fortune, create fresh opportunities, and bring new energy to people’s lives.

Matara pearl project
Matara this month debuted its Power of the Pearl campaign, which the brand says seeks to rebrand pearls as symbols of success and achievement. 

“We believe that pearls have been widely misunderstood and undervalued at the moment,” Jungsura says. “The brand aims to showcase the true beauty, elegance, and versatility of pearls to a wider audience and foster a new appreciation for these timeless gemstones.”

At the same time, Matara wants to challenge the stereotypes and outdated notions that can be associated with pearls, Jungsura adds.

“In the past, pearls were often seen as symbols of traditionalism or exclusively reserved for formal occasions. Matara aims to break free from these limitations and present pearls as a modern, sophisticated, and accessible accessory that can be worn and enjoyed on any occasion,” she explains.

The campaign’s timing seems ideal as pearls pop up on celebrities such as Margot Robbie, who not only starred in the blockbuster Barbie movie but was one of its producers. People magazine estimates Robbie will earn in excess of $50 million in that particularly powerful position.

The Power of Matara Pearl started as a brainstorming campaign this past spring, Jungsura says. Everyone brought their individual ideas about what the pearl’s different colors could mean. The team also researched what the pearl and its colors meant in different cultures, hoping the project could encompass a global perspective, she adds.

Matara pearl success
Matara used the unique colors found naturally in pearls to define new qualities for the gemstones, such as success or new beginnings.

In the Power of Matara Pearl campaign, each color has its own significance, Jungsura says. For example, the white pearl denotes new beginnings and epitomizes the promise of aspiration, rejuvenation, and advancement. It serves as a steadfast reminder that life comes with opportunities for renewal and transformation.

The pink pearl embodies love and symbolizes the unbreakable connection between individuals, the appreciation of cherished bonds, and the importance of commitment, Jungsura says.

The silver pearl represents success in terms of achievement, abundance, and opulence, Jungsura adds.

“It signifies the rewards of industriousness, perseverance, and resilience,” she says. “It incites a fervent pursuit of goals fortified by passion and unwavering determination, auguring the bounties that ensue from concerted efforts.”

Matara Power of Pearl
The packaging that comes with the Power of Matara Pearl campaign tells the wearer about what that color gemstone symbolizes and what it could bring to his or her life.

One of the most interesting rebrandings is that of the black pearl, which Matara seeks to connect to the idea of power. The black pearl denotes authority, influence, and impact, Jungsura says.

“It exemplifies the potential to lead, inspire, and enact meaningful change. It serves as a constant reminder that each individual possesses the capacity to effect transformative shifts in their own lives and in the world,” she explains.

The resulting campaign feels like an appropriate ninth-anniversary gift to the company and to its customers, Jungsura adds.

“Every year, the brand wants to do something noteworthy and meaningful for our valued customers to celebrate our anniversary,” she says. “The Power of Matara Pearl project allows us to celebrate and create memories with our customers. The project is a testament to how far we’ve come as a brand, and our commitment to innovate and provide our customers with exceptional experiences.”

Top: To celebrate the brand’s ninth anniversary, Matara introduced a new campaign focusing on what the pearl can symbolize, including power, success, and new beginnings (photos courtesy of Matara). 

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