Marquart appointed CIBJO manufacturing sector VP

CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, has appointed James F. Marquart Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) president/CEO, as vice president of sector 1-manufacturing.

The appointment, made during a recent CIBJO meeting, comes after several years of Marquart’s involvement with the confederation, which promotes international cooperation in the jewelry industry, and considers issues that concern the trade worldwide.

“This new appointment will go a long way to help me communicate the needs of the American jewelry manufacturing industry,” says Marquart. “I hope to be able to get CIBJO to discuss and support global trade issues such as equal global tariff rates and the elimination of non-tariff trade barriers, as well as other issues that can have a positive impact on jewelry manufacturing.”

Comprising national jewelry trade organizations, CIBJO’s foremost purpose is to protect consumer confidence and foster the economic health of the industry. The manufacturing sector meets to develop strategies for matters affecting the industry, including metals harmonization, security, and quality issues such as the use of nickel in jewelry. Marquart will support this purpose through his new appointment.

Marquart has been extensively involved in matters of international trade concerning the jewelry industry since he first joined MJSA six years ago. He has worked not only with CIBJO but also the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue and the World Trade Organization.