Marion Cotillard: The Silver Lining

A few people have expressed that they disagree with my analysis of Marion Cotillard’s look at the Oscars.

That’s awesome! 

Now, I know that the internet is notrious for tone being misconstrued, so please know that there is no sarcasm here. I love that people are speaking up! 

Whether you agree with me or not isn’t important, feel free to let loose in the comment box and let me know what you think. After all I am writing for all of you and it is nice to hear something back from readers.

So to the point that Bookish Betty raised on my previous post about Marion Cotillard … 

Image courtesy of The Diamond Information Center.

February 26, 2008
In response to: Marion Cotillard’s Stylist Misses the Mark
Bookish Betty commented:

Whatever, Marion looks fabulous. Only someone with that gorgeous face, rich creamy complexion, and jet hair could have pulled off that dress and she did!

… I will agree that Cotillard does look fabulous. Only someone so stunning, after all, could portray Edith Piaf.

I even said to myself as I wrote the post, “I just hate being so negative about the dress, I just can’t find anything positive to say.” 

So you know what? Bookish Betty, you inspired me to try a little harder to find something positive to say and, after a bit of rooting around, I did. (Though not about the dress, which is by John Paul Gaultier.)

Her hair is fabulous! And for good reason …

This Year for the 80th Annual Academy Awards two of the most beautiful actresses walked the red carpet in hair styles created exclusively by Frederic Fekkai hair designers. 

Robert Vetica tended to the tresses of, Marion Cotillard giving her a “Veronica Lake” reminiscent look. 

[Bacilio, who was the other?] 
[Jennifer Garner. Garner was styled by Adir Abergel.]

Readers of JCKstyle in print will recall that Carrie Soucy profiled Frederic Fekkai in our premier issue.

Oh yeah, and MARION WON! Though I was rooting for Julie Christie, Marion really was fantastic as Piaf in La Vie En Rose, so hurry out and get it on DVD.

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