Man Behind “World’s Largest Diamond” Speaks to JCK!

The man who has been the spokesman for the stone that maybe-perhaps-could-be the “World’s Largest Diamond” (though some are skeptical), Brett Jolly, very graciously answered my questions by email today. Jolly is apparently partial owner of the property where the stone was found.

We asked him how and why the media found out about this, when, by his own admission, the stone has not been confirmed to be a diamond yet. This was his response: 

I was telephoned by someone who told me that I had found the stone and my brother had told him, and he was interested in reporting it. (I don’t have a brother).  I confirmed that we had found a stone but we didn’t know what it was.  It is 1.624 kilos 8120 carats… light green / yellow, octahedroid (or whatever is the phrase), we have put a diamond pen tester on it and results were positive.  Likewise a garage grinder didn’t put a mark on it.  However the President of the [World] Federation of Diamond Bourses (Mr. Ernest Blom) has told me that these devices are notoriously unreliable.  Therefore we are meeting on Sunday, and our intention is to test the stone Monday / Tuesday.

He added the following:  

As you know I have certain interests in terms of the stone and represent the owner in this regard, I spoke to him last night in depth about his intentions and feelings regarding the find. He is disappointed that there is such negative sentiments in the press regarding the stone as his intentions were merely to share his joy and this wonderful gift with the world. He wants it to be something positive for South Africa and Africa as a whole (from Africa for Africa). 

The reason for the lack of more concrete information is simply that this diamond breaks all “rules” when it comes to the diamond industry. The small miners do not have the equipment to weigh a stone that size as the normal scales do not cater for approximately 8120 ct (measured in kg’s 1.624 and converted to ct) apart form the fact that the whole discovery was an overwhelming experience he is still trying to come to grips with.

He describes the stone as the most beautiful perfect shape, colour and clarity he has ever seen, but perhaps this is a subjective description which will hopefully soon be substantiated by an independent expert.


He is a forthright, honest older gentleman who has led a simple life and would like to remain anonymous for his safety and that of his family. Other miners have been killed for far less. …. The owner has not yet decided what he wants to do with the diamond however he would like a portion of the income generated by the diamond (sic) to benefit as many people in Africa as possible, (At this point in time all he wants is to buy a new CAT front-end loader and a new slightly larger TV) …


Personally, and as you will understand, such a find has taken literally all of my time since the event, and I am now going to take a few days off with my family until such time as Mr. Blom has the results of the test.. 


Good plan. I should note that the “(sic)” was put there by Mr. Jolly.


In any case, the World Federation is trying to raise its profile, and being attached to this wildly over-publicized story is a good start.


Again, you can see the only known picture of the stone here. What say you? Commenter Homer votes for a “big chunk of green glass.”

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