Malca-Amit Becomes a Full London Bullion Market Association Member

Malca-Amit announced that it has been accepted as an ordinary member of the London Bullion Market Association.

The LBMA, established in 1987, is the world’s leading over-the-counter market for gold and silver with members compromising the majority of the commercial banks who manage physical gold, refiners, mints, assayers, logistics, and secure-storage providers.

“Becoming a member of the LBMA further demonstrates Malca-Amit’s long term commitment to the precious metals market,” said Nigel Paxman, CEO of Malca-Amit, in a statement. “The prestigious membership of the LBMA reinforces Malca-Amit’s high standards and focus on market leading logistics and storage initiatives. It is an honor to be accepted for membership by the LBMA.”