Makeup Artists’ Instagrams Are a Gold Mine for Up-Close Jewelry

I started writing this article with the intention of sharing some behind-the-scenes photos from the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. (FYI, my colleague Emili shared five favorite jewelry looks from the event here).

I should start with the caveat that I did not watch the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). I’ve gotten to the age where I have no idea who the majority of these artists are—I somehow never thought that would happen—and it makes me feel terribly out of the loop. On the other hand, I feel secure in the notion that I don’t really care (my choice of music, in my opinion, is far superior anyway).

While I don’t feel the need to glue myself to the television for the actual show, I do enjoy a good red carpet event in any capacity. It gives me a chance to see what’s going on not only in the world of fashion, but also—and, perhaps most importantly—in jewelry.

I love following celebrity stylists on Instagram, and getting a look at how they make the red carpet looks that we debate, covet, and criticize come together. They often share pictures of their clients getting ready, and, in the best cases, up-close photos of the jewels that will complete their looks.

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So I started browsing their feeds, looking for the best personable shots related to the VMA’s. But I couldn’t find that many of note. The Academy Awards this is not, so maybe the stylists I follow simply didn’t have any clients attending the show. Some did, but there wasn’t all that much compelling stuff.

Then I fell down the rabbit hole. Stylists were tagging makeup and hair artists, among others who make a star’s look complete (it really does take a village, which is somewhat comforting in a way). So I started looking at the beauty experts’ pages. And there is where I found some great jewelry photos.

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The pictures are mostly displayed for the purposes of sharing the makeup or hair in detail, but any earrings or necklaces the person is wearing in the photo gets its moment to shine, too. And actually, some of the stylists themselves are even pictured wearing the jewelry (above), and one makeup artist even has her own jewelry line (Lisa Eldridge, whose photo is featured at top).

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So I won’t go sharing photos related to the VMA’s, after all. But through my search, I realized that if you have a little extra time on your hands (and even if you don’t and get caught up on Instagram, anyway), you’ll end up exploring new-to-you accounts to follow on Instagram. For jewelry lovers, these are some unexpected—and great—options.

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