Magnificent Moonstones: Anything But Simple Designs Everyone Will Love

Do you have one of those go-to movies or TV shows, the kind you can watch over and over on a rainy day? I have a few old standbys, but the most recent addition to my smallish collection of repeatedly watched favorites is Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. The soothing music, the beautiful scenery, the abhorrent fiancée who despises moonstone jewelry. Wait—what? Yes, the lovely Rachel McAdams plays an insufferable character who utters a line I simply cannot get past. When referring to a past gift of moonstone jewels, she seems to struggle to describe it, finally settling on “too simple.” Quelle horreur! Now, I am by no means insisting that everyone should love moonstones, and in the character’s defense, we movie viewers were not privy to a glimpse of this “simple” trinket to judge for ourselves. Still, for my own peace of mind, I’m determined to prove just how dazzling these gems can be. I’ve scoured Marketplace for the crème de la crème of moonstone designs, and found what I think are anything-but-simple designs bound to please even the most critical of jewelry admirers.

Allia’s Strand of Moonstones

Allia's moonstone strand

Allia’s moonstone necklace may be simple in design, but it’s not short on style. A 44-inch strand of 18k yellow gold is set with fancy rainbow moonstones in a design that can be worn long or doubled.


Lauren K’s Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

Lauren K rainbow moonstone earrings

Icy rainbow moonstones are the centerpiece of these earrings from Lauren K, which are subtly decorated with a contrasting border of 18k yellow gold and lined with diamonds.


Rina Limor’s Moonstone Bangle

Rina Limor moonstone bangle bracelet

Proving the theory of strength in numbers, Rina Limor for J.R. Gold Designs’ bangle bracelet is full of the beaming stone, plus some small diamond accents for good measure.


Temple St. Clair’s Lunar Necklace

Temple St. Clair lunar necklace

Temple St. Clair sets royal blue moonstones in this pendant shaped like—what else?—a crescent moon. The 18k yellow gold necklace also features a signature charm and diamond accents.


Dove’s Statement Ring

Dove Jewelry's moonstone ring

A large moonstone appears to in from a setting of 18k white gold in Dove’s cocktail ring, lined with a border of black diamonds for contrast.

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