Macy’s Denies Selling Mislabeled Gold

Our store didn’t misrepresent anything.

That is Macy’s defense against a would-be class action lawsuit that charges the famed department store with selling silver-plated gold earrings mislabeled as “fine gold.”

The suit, filed Oct. 10 in a Massachusetts federal court, alleges that in 2010, plaintiff Natalya Barsukova bought a set of earrings from a Burlington, Mass., Macy’s labeled “fine gold” with a 14k quality mark. The earrings, however, turned out to be gold-plated silver, says the suit.

In a response filed Dec. 17, the company denies that the aforementioned earrings “were labeled and marketed as ‘fine gold.’”

“Macy’s denies that it failed to adequately qualify its product descriptions,” it says. “Macy’s denies that it sold Plaintiff ‘gold-plated silver earrings’ that purportedly were advertised as “fine gold” earrings.”

The response also calls the complaint “vague.”

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