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Loyal.e Paris Wins B Corp Certification for Ethical Standards


Maïssa Zard reached a goal in January that she is metaphorically shouting from the rooftops: Her fine jewelry company, Loyal.e Paris, is now a certified B Corp, putting it in an elite group of brands that have committed to using their business as a force for good.

Zard says Loyal.e Paris is the first French jewelry house to achieve B Corp certification, which recognizes that a business meets high social and environmental standards, as demonstrated by such factors as accountability, transparency, employee benefits, charitable giving, and supply chain practices.

March is B Corp Month, when the global community of more than 8,000 B Corps highlight the certification process and celebrate what it means to attain it. “The B Corp certification recognizes and encourages our deep commitment to having a positive impact beyond jewelry-making,” says Zard, who opened her first store, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, last November.

“We believe that beauty also lies in the choices we make as a company, and we are proud to be able to contribute in our own way,” she says. “The process was quite challenging, demanding, and long—but definitely worth it.”

Loyale Paris store
Loyal.e’s store in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, uses jewelry packaging with a low environmental impact, says brand founder Maïssa Zard.

Zard knew since she founded Loyal.e Paris in 2021 that she wanted to get B Corp certification. The application process began with an online assessment test (free for any company to take), which gave her an initial score. “We then gathered all of the required documentation—operational, legal, certifications,” she explains.

“We had several exchanges for almost a year with the B Corp team, who undertakes strong investigations into the application with interviews, calls, other documentations, until every single aspect is verified and approved. Nothing is left unchecked.”

B Corps tend to improve their scores over time, according to the organizers of this business movement, B Lab and its international adjunct Sistema B. And Zard says she intends to do exactly that.

“There’s so much greenwashing out there that it’s so nice and important to have independent, credible organizations that recognizes all of our efforts into having a positive impact as a business that goes beyond sales numbers,” she says. “I poured my heart and my soul into this company with the belief and hope of making a positive impact around me.”

Loyale Paris jewelry
Customizable and stackable Intrépide rings are a signature style of Loyal.e Paris, now a certified B Corp.

She hopes consumers see Loyal.e’s B Corp status as a reason to shop and trust her business. “The truth is, Loyal.e isn’t a big international brand,” says Zard. “We’re a young Parisian brand with craft manufacturing.

“Our growth has been incredible—we’re so grateful for all of the support and love we receive,” she adds. “We will continue to challenge ourselves and improve every aspect of our organization as we grow.

“Being loyal to yourself, to your values, desires, and dreams, can be challenging—but so important. Loyalty is a value that makes no compromise,” Zard says. “Having a certification that recognizes all of the efforts that we put in as a team on a daily basis on which we don’t always also communicate is extremely rewarding.”

Top: Maïssa Zard is happy about the B Corp certification recently awarded to her fine jewelry business, Loyal.e Paris. (Photos courtesy of Loyal.e Paris)

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