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Love Notes Is a Perfect Collection for All the Tortured Poets Out There


Whether you’re a tortured poet or hopelessly swooning over a lover, the new Jemma Wynne collection Love Notes lets you, and the one you long for, show your affection and literally wear your heart on your sleeve—or around your neck.

With Love Notes, Jemma Wynne founders Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin say they aimed to capture the feelings from Rosemonde Gérard‘s 19th-century love poem “The Eternal Song” and its well-known line “Je t’aime plus qu’hier et moins que demain,” or “I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”

“We discovered the poem while researching the origins of iconic love tokens from the early 1900s, particularly the first crafted by Alphonse Augis,” says Klatt. “The poem’s profound message of enduring love resonated deeply with us. Its timeless sentiment and romantic essence inspired us to create a collection that celebrates everlasting love.”

Jemma Wynne Emerald Pendant
Jemma Wynne’s Emerald and Diamond Love Pendant ($9,660) expresses a lover’s long-term commitment on both sides. 

Love Notes’ core piece is Jemma Wynne’s interpretation of those old love tokens, known in French as médailles d’amour. The pendant features plus and minus symbols on one side, with the English translation from the poem inscribed on the other. It is available in three types of gold, with pearls, emeralds, or pavé diamonds or all-gold.

The symbols and words repeat across Love Notes: from classic signet rings, to engraved cuff bracelets, to delicate diamond pieces. “The incorporation of the plus and minus symbols captures the essence of the poem’s message within our jewelry design,” says Wynne Lalin. “The pendant embodies the concept of eternal love by symbolizing a love that grows with each passing day—‘more than yesterday’—while also recognizing the preciousness of each moment in the present—‘less than tomorrow.'”

Jemma Wynne puts its spin on a lover displaying overwhelming affection for another through such Love Notes jewelry as the Desole Non Desole cuff. And is there anything more dramatic than wearing a golden reminder that you should “seize the day”?

Jemma Wynne love bracelet
With this Love Notes cuff bracelet ($11,550), you can shout your love in two languages: French in black enamel on the outside, engraved in English on the inside.

The idea of eternal love may have its cynical critics, the Jemma Wynne duo say, but they believe in romance and friendships that last a lifetime, like their own. “Eternal love resonates deeply in jewelry because it signifies a connection that transcends time and space,” Klatt says. “Jewelry often gets passed down through generations, becoming a tangible symbol of lasting love and commitment.

“It’s more than just a pretty accessory; it’s a treasured reminder of devotion. So each piece carries this emotional weight, serving as a constant reminder of that enduring bond.”

Top: Jemma Wynne pays tribute to everlasting love and commitment with its Love Notes collection, which includes gold cuffs with multilingual sayings. (Photos courtesy of Jemma Wynne)

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Karen Dybis

By: Karen Dybis

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