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Mother’s Day Jewelry: Give Her the Best Feelings in the World


Based on the idea that life is a collection of tiny moments—some unremarkable, some profound—the new Best Feelings in the World collection from Loquet London is tailor-made for Mother’s Day gifting on the heels of what has been one of the most difficult years many moms have ever faced.

“In a year that tested every domestic superpower we might possess and took mindfulness to a whole new level, leaving us quarantined in our own heads, the only sane outcome was to focus on the good stuff,” said Loquet founder Sheherazade Goldsmith in some prepared remarks on the collection when it launched last month.

“Each of us have our own version of what makes our heart skip a beat and the words we choose to describe a feeling will vary, but in the end it all comes back to a universal emotional response.”

Goldsmith seeks to articulate these responses with a series of words reimagined as charms, meant to toss into the line’s signature lockets. Designed in gold and sapphire crystal, they act as vessels for our innermost secrets, treasures, and personal stories.

A curated jumble of words can describe, or convey, the wearer’s unique definitions of the best feelings in the world.

Loquet London best feelings charms
The entire range of Best Feelings in the World charms, in 18k gold, or combinations of 18k gold and enamel or 18k gold and diamonds, $130–$300 each. You can probably guess the charm we censored, but that may be the one to get, as the product copy specifies what the word is intended to evoke: “Waking up together, limbs entangled—the morning after the night before, mouths dry, hair knotted.” And if that doesn’t turn you on to the word, the designer has chosen a passage from the Audre Lorde poem “Recreation” to coax you into it: “Touching you I catch midnight / as moon fires set in my throat / I love you flesh into blossom / I made you / and take you made / into me.”

Most of the Feelings charms will fit in a variety of Loquet’s signature sapphire crystal-encased lockets, which are designed as reliquaries for an assortment of curated charms that could include children’s initials, hearts, favorite flowers, birthstones, and more.

Loquet Best Feelings in the World charm options

Goldsmith used her own free-associated feelings as inspiration for the collection: “For me, it was forehead kisses, fresh sheets, [listening to] Nick Cave’s ‘Into My Arms,’ a text with a promise of a hug someday, a scrabble word, entangled legs, evening wine.… There were other big moments—the collective clapping for our NHS [National Health Service], the fleeting glimpse of ‘normal life’ last summer, a child’s milestone birthday, university offers, and a beloved and yearned-for arrival of a puppy.”

Somehow I think her “snapshot of a life” will ring true for many of us.  Now it’s just a matter of putting it into our own words.

Top: A fitting presentation for the Love charm: a medium heart-shape locket, $650–$2,000, with diamond alphabet charms, $330 each, Love You to the Moon charm, $300, and a ruby, $170; chain sold separately; Loquet London

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By: Amy Elliott

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