Live From VicenzaOro Winter 2013: Deco-Inspired Bracelets From RCM Gioielli

Valenza, Italy–based RCM Gioielli showed stunning bracelets in 18k gold with baguette-cut diamonds and sapphires and modern touches like diamonds set in places that traditionally feature bare metal. (Think bracelet edges.) “It’s a classic design, but we made it in a modern way because you see very little metal,” explains managing director Mirella Francia. The brand actually introduced the slightly flexible style last year (and has since sold two) but is repeating the design—though not without some difficulty—for its timeless appeal. “It’s not easy to find baguettes,” Francia adds. “We also make a similar style with round brown diamonds, which is very nice and costs less money.”

Dec-inspired gold, diamond, and sapphire bracelets from RDM Gioielli

Bracelets in 18k gold with 41.6 cts. t.w. blue sapphires and 9.74 cts. t.w. diamonds, and 23.35 cts. t.w. baguette-cut colorless diamonds and 9.58 cts. t.w. round-cut colorless diamonds; $112,000 and $198,000 keystone

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