Live From JCK Las Vegas: Forevermark Introduces “Center of My Universe”

De Beers’ Forevermark brand announced its first product concept, “The Center of My Universe,” at its partner breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas on May 31.

Like past De Beers beacons such as the three-stone ring, Center of My Universe is a new spin on an already established product, the halo setting. But De Beers noted that its new product concept has been trademarked.

“This will allow you to differentiate your halo setting products while benefitting from the umbrella of the overall Center of My Universe concept,” said Forevermark USA CEO Charles Stanley.

The new concept will be backed up by a print, digital advertising, and PR campaign.

Forevermark Worldwide CEO Stephen Lussier also spoke at the breakfast, saying that he was happy to finally attend the JCK show after 20 years.

The brand also released research on the diamond jewelry buying process:

  • The biggest age group acquiring diamond jewelry is aged 18–34.
  • December accounts for 40 percent of acquisitions of diamond jewelry pieces.
  • Bridal consumers are getting older: Some 36 percent of bridal pieces are acquired by consumers over age 35, a 10 percent increase from a decade ago.
  • Specialty stores still own the majority of the bridal market. Only 10 percent of bridal pieces are purchased online.
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